Lesbian couple received a homophobic note in a library


The female couple found a vile note in their car after visiting the local library. “Dear Madam, please don’t take this personally,” the note begins. “But please know there are people like me who thoroughly despise and detest your screwed up notions of equality, as clearly represented by the equality sticker on the back of your car. Thank you for self-identifying. We had enough of that crap under the despicable Obama administration and we are not going to tolerate the same of worse under Hilary’s jack-booted oppression,” it added. “We voted for Trump in droves, and will do so again in four years.”

The women themselves refused to speak in front of the camera, but the woman who was with them in the library said that such a behavior was completely unacceptable, because the women were in their seventies and deserved at least a little bit of respect, but instead they were attacked or who they are. Library staff members were alerted to the note, but took no action, saying it was a private matter between two people with opposing views. The Hillsborough County Women’s Democratic Club, who the couple was attending a meeting with, said they were planning a public way to support the women.


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