Writer from Palestine is under risk for a book with a gay character


Twenty-nine-year-old Abbad Yahya says he learned of an arrest warrant in his name during his trip to Qatar. “I don’t know what to do. If I go back, I will be arrested, and if I stay here… I can’t stay far from my home and family,” the writer told AFP. His book depicted the problems of society and religious conflict. But it came under fire for using ‘sexual terms’ which actually meant mentioning homosexuality. The novel follows the lives of three young men who work together in a bar where a murder takes place.One of the three is a gay, and although he is cleared of the crime, the officers who interrogate him realise his sexuality and abuse him. He later moves to France to look for a more accepting society. The book’s distributor, Fuad Akleek, also said he was arrested at a bookshop “in a very humiliating way.” The top Palestine literature officials claimed the novel to be silly and against the traditional Palestinian values and religious norms.


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