Youtube animators create a lesbian ice queen love story


YouTube animators Olly Pike (Pop’n’Olly) is behind the clip, titled The Ice Queen and her Wife – the ice queen is really similar to Disney princess Elsa from Frozen. The Twitter audience has been demanding to give Elsa a girlfriend in the cartoon sequel. The ice queen lives in her castle with her wife Summer for whom she created amazing gifts of ice, who responds her with plants and flowers. It’s sad to think that the heartache found in our story is the reality for so many LGBT+ couples across the globe. These people are forced to keep their relationships/sexuality secret or risk imprisonment or even death in certain places”, the cartoon creator says, We hope our story highlights how unfair and tragic it is to dictate whom may love whom. Our stories are aimed at a younger audience in the hope that we can educate them about equality and diversity, in order to build a kinder, more accepting society for future generations.”


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