A gay man shares feelings of being disowned by his own family


The speaker, Jonathan in Worthing, phoned LBC presenter Maajid Nawaz during a discussion on religion over the weekend. The man’s family are Jehovah Witnesses, it is a religious group coming from Christianity which radically opposes homosexuality. When they found out that Johnathan was gay, they rejected him. “I’m a gay man, and I was brought up in a very strict faith, and their views on homosexuality are, quoting what my father said to me, if we lived in Bible times you’d be stoned to death. I’ve experienced a lot of homophobia and a lot of rejection. It’s five years this month since my parents disowned me all because I was born gay”, the man shared. He added that when he met his parents somewhere in the city, they just walked away pretending that they do not recognize him, it was rather painful, and it was the main reason why the man who was brought up among believers currently identifies as atheist.

“I’m very disappointed with religion… in all the years I was [growing up] I kept hearing the words ‘unconditional love, we show unconditional love’ – but that’s not true, because if you can’t be accepting of other human beings, and accept them for who they are, be it gay, straight bi, transgender… if you believe in Jesus, follow his example and show unconditional love,” the man explains, “That means be accepting of one another. Two people, they might be of the same sex, but if they want to marry one another, they should be able to no matter what their church says. Gay people should be able to go to church and not be looked down upon by other people. They’re just as worthy in God’s eyes as a straight person.”


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