Gigi Gorgeous is set to premiere the new trans documentary


The transgender model, Youtuber and Revlon ambassador tries herself in a new field. Gigi documentary about her childhood and transition at the Sundance Film Festival. ‘This is Everything’ will premiere at the festival next week. But in comparison to her youtube channel where the trans model filmed her transition step by step, the new documentary includes not only the thoughts and feelings of her own, but also interviews with her friends and family members who were there and supported her on her way. “I didn’t know I’d be sharing my transition with the world as a documentary in film festivals,” said Gorgeous in an interview. “I thought it would just be something I’d keep for my entire life, for myself.” The film also documents Gorgeous losing her mother, Judy, after a battle with leukemia. “Having Gigi happy is way more important than me having old Greg,” her father, David, says in the documentary.


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