Male make up artist responded to Twitter trolls


Trayvon Dickerson said in Twitter that he wants to be an inspiration for other LGBT people to smash the gender stereotypes, but instead he became a target of web trolls. The image of him, used without his permission, was accompanied by the words “Ya son come home from college like this, crying asking you to accept him, what you doing?”

But the man was not smashed down with such a criticism and responded perfectly tweeting: “# I wouldn’t cry if not one soul on this earth didn’t accept me for ME, #2 You’re lame as fuck, #3 Next time you want clout off me, “@” me boo. I am me and the only person who has to deal with me is me,” Dickerson continued. Everyone in my family supports me wholeheartedly. Why are you bringing homophobia and negativity to this area?”


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