Newspaper mistook Alec Baldwin for Donald Trump


The newspaper published two articles and mixed up the featured images which led to a rather funny effect. Dominican national newspaper El Nacional on Friday accidentally printed a photo of actor Alec Baldwin’s Trump SNL sketch instead of the real thing.

After the gaffe, the newspaper printed an apology, despite some believing that it was an intentional joke. “The situation went unnoticed by those who revised page 19,” the newspaper said in a statement on Saturday. “El Nacional apologises to its readers and anyone who felt affected”. The Twitter audience reacted actively. Baldwin is one of a raft of SNL stars who have taken on Trump and his associates, with Melissa McCarthy taking aim at Press Secretary Sean Spicer, Rosie O’Donnell, who is desperate to take on Steve Bannon, and Kate McKinnon who relentlessly mocked Trump in her Hillary Clinton guise.


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