The Sun unreasonably outed NHS nurse


British scandalous tabloid The Sun has revealed that the current NHS nurse used to have a rather successful career in X-rated industry. It’s claimed he previously starred in movies such as Swim Team, Doubled Up and Tent Hopping Sluts. The paper names the porn star-come-nurse in the article, with numerous shots of him they took from social network profiles. They even followed the 23-year-old man to his home, snapping him putting the bins out in secret. However they offer no public interest case for why they outed the nurse as a former porn actor.

The man contacted the reporters, refusing to say his name. He denied that the photos are really his, although it is likely they are. In one photograph the nurse is seen looking proud as he collects his National HIV Nurses Association certificate. Some of the man’s films were released under the ‘Bare Back Boys’ porn title, though the Sun article makes no reference to potentially risky sexual practices. The paper quoted a ‘source’ who said: “No one at the hospital knew of his background. He’s only just got the job.” Nursing degree fees top £9k a year, leaving many forced to find sources of income to help them through the training. The hospital involved has declined to comment on the case, and it’s not known if the tabloid story has put his new career in jeopardy.


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