Celebrities warned Texas about anti-trans bill


Over 140 musicians and artists have signed the letter that encourages members of the Texas legislature to oppose any anti-LGBT that comes before them. Among them were in part the pop princess Britney Spears and the active fighter for minority rights Lady Gaga. The celebrities say that they are praising the Lone Star state for the influence on the American culture because many of the top singers and musicians were born there. And they are watching the actions of the state officials. And they warned that if the bathroom bill is accepted, they will cancel their performances in Texas.

“We are also deeply troubled by the current legislation that would target the LGBTQ community in Texas,” they said in the letter, “It is up to you whether these bills will become law and we are watching. It is up to us to commit to doing everything within our power to make sure all of our fans, crews and fellow artists feel safe and welcome, wherever we go.”


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