Lucian Wintrich was handed White House press accreditation


‘Twinks4Trump’ project founder officially became the White House correspondent. Lucian Wintrich was behind a photo exhibit last year under the title ‘Twinks4Trump’, featuring scantily-clad young gay men who support the Republican Presidential Hopeful Donald Trump who is currently the President of the USA.

Wintrich got the pass on behalf of alt-right and overtly pro-Trump blog Gateway Pundit, which first revealed it would have an official White House correspondent at the ‘DepoloraBall’ inauguration event. He had no experience of political journalism, but he has debuted in this sphere this week. Gateway Pundit founder Jim Hoft tweeted a picture of himself and Wintrich in the White House’s Press Briefing Room two days ago. The tweet was adorned with a frog emoji and both appear to be making a frog symbol with their hands – which MediaMatters noted is an apparent reference to white supremacist hate symbol Pepe the Frog. The internet-famous ‘Pepe the Frog’ meme started out life as an innocuous cartoon, but was adopted as a visual symbol by the far-right and white supremacists online last year. The symbol was added to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL)’s database of listed hate symbols in September, joining the swastika and the KKK’s burning cross.


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