MPs swamped with Valentine’s cards asking for SRE


Students have sent hundreds of handmade Valentine’s Day cards yesterday, but they were addressed not to their boyfriends and girlfriends, but to the members of British Parliament. The cards are part of a campaign urging MPsto back mandatory Sex and Relationships Education in every school, after the offer was blocked by the conservative MPs last month. Hundreds of MPs, including Jeremy Corbyn, Iain Duncan-Smith, Chuka Ummana and Education Secretary Justine Greening received hand-made Valentine’s Day cards via students in their constituency.
The campaign, the result of a partnership between Terrence Higgins Trust, National Student Pride and the NUS LGBT+ campaign, is calling for statutory SRE guidelines to ensure schools properly prepare young people for sex in the 21st century.

One of the students said: “My SRE had no relationships, no consent, no gender, and no pleasure. It was scaremongering, and only talked about periods and hormones for two hours.” “My SRE was the stereotypical split up of boys and girls, where we all watched the same video of how babies were made. There was also an awkward picture book. That was it,” another one added, “I think that fear comes from not understanding, so inclusive sex and relationships education could help with prevent things like homophobia. My life would have been better with more SRE.”


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