NC Governor offers ‘compromise’ concerning HB2


The North Carolina Governor suggested that there could not be any other decision concerning the controversial HB2 except the compromise deal. On the other hand, the leader of the Republican-controlled legislature suggested that Democratic Governor Roy Cooper’s compromise would not go far enough to bring the expected positive results. Governor Cooper’s proposal would repeal HB2, but would increase penalties for laws broken in public bathrooms. He announced the compromise at a news conference. As part of the proposal, local ordinances to cover LGBT discrimination would need to be flagged with legislators with 30 days notice. Legislators in North Carolina last week introduced bills in the House and Senate in the state to repeal the widely condemned HB2 and replace it with LGBT+ protections. “If there ever was a need for bipartisanship, it’s now. We came too close in December for Sen. Berger to give up. Too many jobs, too much investment, too much of North Carolina’s reputation are at stake,” Cooper said. It is believed that the results of the survey still fail to give a clear vision about the likelihood of repealing the law because a number of people declined to participate in the survey. Some were still undecided about their decision, while others refused to comment to avoid “public squabbling” according to Republican Mike Hager who formerly served as House Majority Leader.


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