Philip Pullman explains criticizing religious attacks on LGBT in his books

LONDON - DECEMBER 17: Author Philip Pullman unveils his 'Find Your Daemon' Christmas trail and exhibition at London Zoo on December 17, 2004 in London. The exhibition is based on "His Dark Materials" trilogy of books, helps visitors to the zoo find their own daemon. (Photo by MJ Kim/Getty Images)

His Dark Materials writer recalls that he is not going to stop criticising religious activists over attacking LGBT people. In an interview with NPR, Mr Pullman said he had been “greatly criticised” for the role religion has played in his books. He claims that religion is very interesting phenomenon. “My attitude to religion is that religion is a most interesting and extraordinary human phenomenon,” he said, “I’m fascinated by it, interested in it, and at some points critical of it. And the points when I become critical are the points when politics come into it, and religion acquires political power — political with a small “p,” for example, within the confines of a single family, or Political with a large “P,” on a national or international scale.”

“When religion gets the power to tell people how to dress, who to fall in love with, how to behave, what they must not read, what they must not wear, all those things, then religion goes bad. Religion is a private thing, and a fine thing and a good thing, as long as it remains private. As soon as it becomes public and political, it’s dangerous. That’s the position I’ve taken up in the first series and the position this current one takes up as well.”


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