Evangelicals called gay conservatives a ‘rotting cancer’


When Donald Trump claimed that he would not roll back the protection of LGBT workers accepted by the administration of Obama, the anti-LGBT Christian group American Family Association accused gay conservatives of it, claiming them to be like a kind of deadly disease in a post on the American Family Association website by Bryan Fischer.

“A new and quite insidious trend has been launched in some conservative circles, a trend that unless it is stopped will eat away at the foundation of conservatism like a cancer until the foundation rots away and the whole thing collapses. This trend is the notion that one can be a practicing homosexual and a conservative at the same time. It’s impossible. Now it is certainly possible for a homosexual to hold conservative views on certain issues, and even defend them on talk shows, but it is not possible for him to be a conservative,” Fisher’s post reads, “At the center of conservatism is a non-negotiable view of human sexuality and the family. At the heart of a conservative view of the world lies the family. Not the individual, mind you, but the family. At the heart and soul of conservatism is the notion that marriage consists of one man and one woman and a family consists of a married father and mother and the children they conceive together through their love for each other.”

The AFA spokesman added that conservatism and homosexuality could not co-exist. To his opinion homosexuality may seem harmless at firs, but it ‘goes against the God’s design’ and that is why the ‘cells will begin to quietly and yet inexorably multiply and metastasize until it has fatally weakened its host’.


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