South Dakota signed a bill to discriminate LGBT adopters

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South Dakota signed a bill which would allow the adoption agencies to reject the requests of potential adopters if there is something going contrary their religious belief,s, for example, if the potential adopters are LGBT. But the sexuality is not the only factor which could stop the potential parents fro adoption. The bill aso gives the right to reject the potential adopters’ requests if they are interfaith couples, single parents, married couples where one or both partners have previously been divorced . The bill, SB149, was passed by the Senate Health and Human Services Committee on February 15. t has been heavily criticised by human rights advocates, who say it equates to a “license to discriminate” based on LGBT+ status. It could also lead to agencies refusing to provide mental or medical health care to LGBT+ children. As well as all this, the bill would protect agencies which refer LGBT+ children to ‘conversion’ therapies, and there would be no risk to lose the license for such practices. The broad measure would also allow agencies to refuse to place a child with members of their extended family.


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