Susan Sarandon is always open sexually


This is how the actress explained her sexuality in the new interview to the PrideSource, being asked about her possible sexual fluidity. She also said that she has never had a big dating experience because she is a serial monogamist. These are people who can fall in love a few times in their lives, but not often and not with a few people at once.

She even was in relationships with one of her colleagues she believed to be gay although he never came out publicly. “I did at one point have a very successful and very loving and wonderful affair with a man who then wasn’t with another woman after me, and that worked out fine! I don’t think you had to declare yourself as rigidly as you do now.” Sarandon went on to identify the man as her co-star in The Hunger, Philip Sayer, who died in 1989. “He was gay, and we had a great relationship in every way,” she added.


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