Telephone company introduced the new LGBT-inclusive advert


The German telephone company Deutche Telekom introduced the new commercial featuring drag queens and a same-sex couple with a child. Deutsche Telekom premiered the new advert for its reduced-price mobile plan for families. The slogan is ‘If it feels like family, it is family,’ which sounds like a credo for LGBT families, so no wonder that the creators decided to include such families in commercial

Upon its release, the campaign attracted a lot of positive feedback. But on social media, those who see rainbow families as lesser and refuse to accept them as ‘real’ families have also been vocal. Politician Beatrix von Storch, representing the staunchly conservative Alternative for Germany, called the Telekom crazy.
‘Fathers are irrelevant. Says the Telekom,’ she tweeted. ‘That’s just as insanely modern as it is insanely imbecile.’ And the homophobes even criticized the Telekom’s decision to only show a lesbian couple, but not two gay men with a child – suspecting they wanted to cover up pedophilia. But the company replied via Twitter saying that a family is a family and there is nothing else to discuss.


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