Indian film censors cut the Oscar-nominated gay drama


Moonlight is one of the favourite films to take out best film category at this year’s Oscar, it tells the story of a gay man of color who disobeys the laws to survive. But the Indian censors found a lot of fragments to be cut off. The film cut the moving beach scene between friends Chiron and Kevin, where the latter stimulates Chiron with his hand.Also cut from the film was a brief sex scene between Kevin and a girl and expletives in the dialogue. The anonymous source told DNA India that the excluded scenes of the film were fundamental. ‘The censor board has ordered the entire hand-job to go. We only hear the protagonist say he is sorry for what happened. Indian audiences will not get what he’s feeling sorry for,’ they said. ‘The CBFC has done a sanskari (moralistic/traditional) job on the language of the American African community.’


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