Opponents of same-sex marriages in Finland insist on parliamentary vote


Finland’s Parliament will vote for a final time on same-sex marriage even though only a couple of days remained to the date when it was set to be legally recognized. The country’s President Sauli Niinistö signed marriage legislation into law a few months later, paving the way for it to have a legal force since March 1st.

But the law, which came about as a result of a public Citizen’s Initiative petition signed by over 167,000 voters, is now under threat from a rival initiative signed by opponents of same-sex marriage which has passed the 50,000 signatures demanding the parliament’s debates on Friday. The country’s Parliament last year heard the case for blocking marriage after the ‘Genuine Matrimony Association’ succeeded in filing an Initiative to keep marriage “between a man and woman”. The Helsinki Times reported that members of the right-wing Finns Party rallied against the law, with MP Mika Niikko suggesting the debate over the issue of gender-neutral marriage has focused excessively on the rights of adults, not those of children.


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