South Carolina’s same-sex parents are to be both listed in birth certificates

2 moms

After a same-sex couple sued the state in order to receive an ability for both to be listed in their children’s birth certificate as parents thee state decided to provide such an option for same-sex couples. The court ruling on Wednesday allowed Casy and Jacqueline Carson, should have their names both listed on their twins’ birth certificates. Federal Judge Mary Geiger Lewis issued the ruling in the case brought by the Greenville couple. The couple married some years ago in Washington DC, but had been told they couldn’t have both names on the birth certificates of their twins.Now that the judge has made its ruling in the lawsuit against the Health and Environmental Control Director Catherine Heigel, the policy by the state is set to change. Heigel did not challenge the argument that the couple’s constitutional rights were violated by the policy. Both the claimants and the state mutually agreed to enter into a consent degree to decide together how the change in birth certificate policy will be implemented.


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