Anti-gay law firm is designated as a hate group


The anti-LGBT group Alliance Defending Freedom is closely connected with Republican politicians and the evangelical churches in their attempts to tackle homosexuality and to reject the rights of LGBT community. The notorious Christian group has opposed same-sex weddings, gay adoptions, civil unions, and even the repeal of Sodomy laws – strongly opposing the 2003 Supreme Court decision to strike down state laws which forbade gay sex. The ADF was this week designated as a anti-LGBT hate group by civil rights and extremism watchdog the Southern Poverty Law Center. They claimed that without a shadow of doubt ADF is a hate group promoting their anti-LGBT views because they openly supported criminalization of homosexuality and said that people charged by the archaic anti-gay laws should have had no chance to be vindicated. According to the report the ADf “regularly demonized LGBT people, falsely linking them to pedophilia, calling them ‘evil’ and a threat to children and society, and blaming them for the ‘persecution of devout Christians’. The group also has supported the criminalization of homosexuality in several countries.”


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