Lesbian abortion pioneer dies

WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 21: This file photo shows Norma McCorvey(L), the former "Jane Roe" in the landmark Supreme Court decision Roe v.Wade, as she tells reporters 18 September 1990 in Washington,DC, that she is against the nomination of David Souter as Supreme Court justice, because she is afraid he will help overturn the ruling. Listening to McCorvey is her former attorney Gloria Allred(R). (Photo credit should read KEVIN LARKIN/AFP/Getty Images)

Norma McCorvey, who used the pseudonym Jane Roe, helped bring abortion rights to women across America in the case that made abortions legal. Norma passed way aged 69. She had relationships with both genders, but said to to had the exact choice made and identified as a lesbian. She led the case in the Supreme court after she fell pregnant in 1970 and was financially unstable. Abortions were illegal, and McCorvey did not want to keep the pregnancy so she took her case to court. A historic ruling of 7-2 set precedent for the future of abortion and women’s rights. After the ruling, McCorvey gave birth and put the child up for adoption.

Despite being a lead in the case, McCorvey became a born-again Christian and turned on her work for women’s rights and became a pro-life campaigner. However, some in the pro-life group shunned her for her homosexuality which they deemed immoral. “Upon knowing God, I realized that my case, which legalized abortion under man, was the biggest mistake of my life,” she said. Before passing away she was in relationships with her partner Connie for 35 years but they splat up.


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