Roxette surprised their gay fans


Jakub and David were presenting an award at a gala in Stockholm when they were surprised by their favorite musicians on stage giving them a bottle of champagne for the wedding. The two reached the fame filming the coming out video using the song of their favorite band. . However, they faced a tonne of homophobic abuse when came out. Since then Jakub and David have become more prominent activists fighting against homophobia in Poland. Their work was noticed and they were invited to give the award, where they then surprised by Roxette. “When we saw Roxette we didn’t think at all. We really didn’t know anything about it and were absolutely in shock,” Jakub told PinkNews. “It was really like a dream come true. When I was a teenager I used to listen Roxette and now you see him coming towards you with a champagne bottle as wedding gift.” After leaving the stage, the couple got to go back stage with Roxette to further celebrate meeting their idol. “It was a dream come true,” Jakub said.


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