Gay writer banned from Facebook for using the F-word defending the gay diver


Paul Burston was responding to gay men posting nasty comments about the British Olympic winner Tom Daley. A noted British author and LGBTI-rights activist has been suspended from posting on Facebook after the complains on him for using homophobic swear words. On Monday Burston was notified by Facebook that he had been suspended for three days. It highlighted a particular comment he had made included the F-word. ‘It was a post about gay men slagging off Tom Daley after the recent revelations. In the thread I quoted that Buddy Cole line – “Every fag’s a jury – 12 angry men in one”,’ says Burston. Buddy Cole is a fictional, camp gay character created and portrayed by Canadian actor-comedian Scott Thompson, of The Kids in The Hall TV show. ‘In the context of the thread it’s clearly meant playfully as a comment on internalized homophobia and the gay men judging Tom Daley so harshly for being less then perfect in their opinion. But Facebook, in its infinite wisdom, decided otherwise. It’s ridiculous.’ In a few hours Facebook canceled the ban and apologized to the writer for the error they made.


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