Homophobes are imprisoned for assaulting a gay guy


The thugs attack a gay disabled man, raped and robbed him, and then threw him into the river to let him die. The court of Belgium sentenced 38-year-old Michel L. and 27-year-old Robert M. to 11 and seven years in prison last week. In the night of 31 January 2015, the pair attacked a gay man with a mental disability. They met in a cafe and the victim asked the criminals to drive him home where one of them forced the guy to oral sex but then, as he claimed, got disgusted with it, robbed him and let him drown in the river.The first suspect was arrested in October of the same year. The second man was arrested in December in the southern French town of Carcassonne. A court initially sentenced Michel to six years in prison for attempted murder. They dropped the charges of rape and confinement on the basis that Guy had ‘consented’, but his homophobia was deemed an aggravating circumstance.


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