Irish trans couple dreams of parenting


Jamie O’Herlihy and her partner Harry Matthews are both transgender. They dream about becoming biological parents, it would make them the first trans couple to have their biological child in the country. They froze their biological material to undergo the insemination procedure some time later. Now, Jamie has said although she was pleased to transition, it was painful that she would never be able to carry her own child. “Chloe [the sister of Jamie who is also trans. They came out together last year, but before that they had never opened up about being trans to each other, although it appeared that they had the same feelings and thoughts. ] started her medical transition in November but the doctor in Loughlinstown [Dublin] said if I started my treatment without freezing my sperm I wouldn’t be able to have children. That freaked me out, I’ve always wanted kids. Not being able to give birth or carry a child is really painful, I’ve bawled my eyes out with my mum about this. I put my whole transition on hold so I could go to a fertility clinic to freeze my sperm so that when the time comes when we want to have our child my sperm is there. Harry is now getting his eggs harvested and frozen. It’s more expensive but we’re getting there. The plan is to create an embryo so we can get a surrogate to carry the egg and have our own biological child together.”


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