The politician who recently came out demands HB2 to be repealed


The politician Deb Butler asks Democrats and Republicans to get together in order to condemn the controversial anti-trans bathroom bill in North Carolina and to finally have it repealed. “If there was ever a time for bipartisanship, it is now—a chance to remove this stain off of our state, a chance to end discrimination, a chance to bring these hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of jobs back to our state,” Mrs. Butler told NBC. Legislators in North Carolina also introduced bills in the House and Senate in the state to repeal the widely condemned HB2 and replace it with LGBT+ protections. The bills, introduced by Representatives Pricey Harrison, Deb Butler, Kelly Alexander, Susan Fisher and Senators Terry Van Duyn, Mike Woodard, and Jay Chaudhuri, were praised by Equality NC and the Human Rights Campaign. 13 representatives and 6 senators still insist that HB2 should remain. Some still haven’t made any decision or hide it not to be criticized.


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