Three trans women sexually assaulted in Pakistan


12 men violently attacked 3 trans women and sexually assaulted them this weekend. Hate crimes, especially on the background of gender identity, are unfortunately rather widespread in Pakistan. Trans Action Pakistan reported Strawberry, Mena and Sheerry were gang raped, and although the thugs were reported to be arrested, the victims did not see them in the police department. The police is behaving strangely and have made us sit in the police station for hours without a reason,’ the group reported on its Facebook page. ‘Also police has refused to conduct DNA test. This so shameful. The DPO (District Police Officer) Charssada said he has no info of (the) incident.’ They also report that the victims were trolled and said that their transgender status provoked them to be raped. ‘Somebody on this page just informed us that transgender women in Pakistan are raped because they have names like Chocolate and Strawberry and because they adopt names of celebrities which provokes men to rape them,’ one group member posted. I don’t know if I have to cry or laugh? Blaming the rape victim is a common practise in Pakistan.Please remember no one deserves rape. Women with sacred religious names are raped and harassed everyday in this society. Stop blaming the victims and survivors.’


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