Governor hopeful opens up about sexuality for nobody else to out him


A gubernatorial candidate in Arizona has published the details of his sex life on his campaign website for other people not to make up fake dirty rumors. On his website, under the ‘Scandal and Controversy’ section, the former teacher reveals his sexual explorations. He confessed of having group sex and affairs with married women, said that he filmed the erotic videos of himself and had sent erotic massages to other people. Although he underlined that he never hurt or abused anybody. On the same section of the site, Mr Dyer states that he has “spoken out very harshly when religion is used to defend intolerance and bully with mysticism” and stated that he had made his social media public for people to browse.“I think people want honesty from their politicians, and I’m willing to give it to them,” he said, “I don’t think most things are relevant to my platform and my ability, but to the degree people think they are relevant, that is a choice for them to make, not for me to make it for them.”


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