The amount of LGBT prisoners grows in the USA

Woodhill prison Milton Keynes

The resent study showed that people identifying as lesbians, gays or bisexuals are three times more likely to be locked behind the bars than those who are straight. Williams Institue, part of the University of California, Los Angeles, School of Law reported that there are around 238,000 sexual minority inmates across jails and prisons in the United States. Dr Ilan H Meyer says that the aim of the research is to raise ‘awareness of the heightened risk that sexual minority populations face’. The report shows 6.2% of men in jail and 9.3% of men in prison are either gay, bisexual, or straight guys who have had gay experiences. Among female inmates, 35.7% in jail and 42.1% in prisons are gay or bi. 29.3% of gay and bi male inmates men have poor mental health versus 13.6% of straight male inmates. 24.7% of lesbian and bisexual women who are locked up have poor mental health versus 18.8% of straight women inside. 33.4% of gay and bi male prisoners have experienced childhood sexual abuse versus 6.3% of straights. 53.7% of lesbian and bi women in jails and prisons experienced childhood sexual abuse versus 31.4% of straight women. The largest proportion of gay and bisexual men are white American, aged 30 to 44. Lesbian or bisexual women inmates are younger, aged 18 to 29, they are less likely to be people of color


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