Catholic priest hit back his transphobic colleague


A Catholic priest responded to the vicar who supported Donald Trump’s decision to reject the bathroom rights of transgender students. Jesuit priest James Martin, based in New York City, revealed his shock over the Trump administration’s latest attack on the LGBTI community. Martin tweeted Trans students endure so many indignities already. They should be able to use whatever bathrooms they choose. It doesn’t hurt anybody. It saddens me that a trans student cannot choose what bathrooms to use. A basic need. It’s an affront to their dignity as human beings.’ ‘Um… this is a joke, right? Someone please tell me this is a parody account and not actually coming from a Catholic priest,’ Father Matt Bazofsky, a priest in Chicago replied. Martin remained calm and responded that he spoke seriously:‘No, I’m an actual Catholic priest in good standing who stands with the marginalized,’ he said. ‘Some charity is in order here, Father.’ Bazofsky, who claims to also be a ‘biologist’, said before he made his Twitter account private that ‘men should not be allowed’ to go into the same restroom as women.


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