People are angry with Youth TV advert calling it transphobic


The German TV giant for the audience under 45 is accused of transphobia for their brand new advertisement. ’Whom would you give €50.000 to?’, it asks, ‘Tranny or frutarian?’ ZFD neo, part of state-funded ZDF, ran the advert on Friday (Feb. 24) with their accounts in social networks. Tweet promoting the new show said ‘Are You Worth €50,000?’, it features a five-strong jury who’ll award €50,000 ($, £) to one winner, based entirely on subjective opinion rather than objective measures. For using the word ‘tranny’ the Twitter audience accused the broadcasters of a biased attitude to transgender people and said them to be out of minds. Many other users said the channel’s ad was disgusting and wondered ‘what the hell went wrong’ when the campaign was decided upon. The broadcasters did not give any comments about the situation


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