A Disney cartoon featured same-sex kisses that remained unnoticed


Disney cartoon Star vs. the Forces of Evil had the new episode of the third season aired last week and it featured a rather delicate moment. In the episode, main character Star is left lovesick at a concert when her best friend Marco shares a dance and kiss with Jackie instead of her. The moment is captured in a musical number, ‘Just Friends’, in which Star is suddenly surrounded by couples during a slow song. One YouTube commenter wrote: “Everyone is arguing about Starco and Jacko, but I’m happy about the gay couples”. Another added: “Wow they showed a gay couple, looks like Disney is opening up :)” The moment was so subtle that it even escaped the notice of America’s puritanical anti-LGBT Christian groups. The Disney Channel allegedly maintained an unofficial ban on LGBT issues in the past – but the policy appeared to be relaxed in 2014 when a gay couple featured in kids’ sitcom ‘Good Luck Charlie’.


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