Emmerdale depicted the problem of gay inmates


The British soap opera’s gay character Aaron Dingle gets arrested, it describes the social issues that now stand sharply – homophobia in prisons. According to the episode’s plot, Dingle gets arrested for being involved in a fight.His first days in prison are marred by feelings of separation with his husband and also the unrelenting pressure for gay people behind bars. In a dramatic scene, the ‘top dog’ of the prison hurls homophobic abuse at a gay inmate and Dingle steps in. The sight of you makes me chunder,’ says the prison bully. After Dingle steps in, the inmates, who are unaware that Dingle is gay, look shocked that he stood up for the gay inmate. He coolly responds: ‘Seriously mate, it’s my first day – I don’t want anymore time on my sentence.’ The fans reacted actively saying that gay people don’t deserve such a treatment.


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