Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-we denied slowing down the marriage equality


The Taiwanese leader came under fire when she told one of the human rights activists that the current generation may not see marriage equality in the country. The activist, Vincent Huang, took to Facebook to accuse Tsai of backpedaling on her support of marriage equality. But the President’s Office has already denied the allegations claiming that the President’s words were simply misunderstood. The president started saying event though LGBTI people have waited a long time for equality advocates should not risk efforts by trying to rush the issue. ‘If one has waited this long, but because there wasn’t patience at the last moment thus destroying all the efforts in the past, I know that this is the hardest point in time.’ At this point Huang interrupted her saying, ‘But our lives can’t be put on hold’. ‘I know, but even if you can’t put your lives on hold you need to consider the future of other people as well and think of them as well,’ Tsai responded. Huang then said: ‘You support me and I’d be willing to take a bullet for you’. ‘That’s OK. But, actually when I was passing out red envelopes recently, young people told me: ‘I want to get married this year. As president, don’t you feel in your heart the need to fulfill that?’,’ she replied. ‘But really, this is not something that we can reach today in just one step. It’s a long road and it’s going to get harder and harder along the way.’ The Presidential Office told media ‘the memory and understanding’ of Huang and the president contained “differences,” adding that the transcript was published , so that the dialogue between the President and the LGBT activists is not over.


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