21-year-old woman is one more victim of a transphobic hate crime


Ciara McElveen, 21, was stabbed to death on Monday in New Orleans, the crime also could be racially motivated because she was a woman of color. Officers responded to a stabbing near the intersection of North Clairbone Avenue and Columbus Street, in the city’s 7th ward, just after 9am. The police found her still alive, but being transported to the hospital she died. Police said they ‘could not confirm’ the victim’s gender identity. Initially they reported a woman had been killed, then they said the victim was a man, then they claimed the victim’s identity to be in question before a witness who had been the victim’s close friend confirmed her personality and gender identity. ‘Dude came around to the passenger side and I see a knife in his hand. I’m thinking he’s about to stab [Ciara],’ he said, ‘But, apparently, he already stabbed [Ciara] in the car.’ The driver then allegedly pulled Ciara out of the car by her head and slammed her face into the ground before pulling off.
According to the witness she never moved and when police rolled her over, he recognized her as Ciara. He told the Times-Picayune it looked like she had been stabbed in the shoulder, chest, and in the side, near her lungs. Ciara is the sixth reported trans woman to be murdered in the USA this year.


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