Gay rugby player was close to suicide


Keegan First, the first openly gay Super League UK rugby player confessed he had had suicidal thoughts before coming out. The sportsman was captain of his Batley rugby team at the time, while working as a joiner on a building site to top up his income. He said that being in closet and married to a woman was very hard and painful for him. He understood he should have told the truth, but had no idea about how, where and when to do it. He realized that coming out as gay he could turn himself into a target for bullying. But instead he received tonnes of support – from fans, Hollywood celebrities and music legends. “Now that I’m out, people have said I’m brave. But I don’t feel brave. I envied the lads who were brave enough to come out when they were at school.
“Those kids who got beat up at school, the more effeminate lads. I always think they’re the brave ones who were getting dished up at school for being honest about who they are. I just bottled it up for so many years. They didn’t. So, for me, they’re the unsung heroes.”


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