Arkansas lawmakers want to forbid gay marriages in their state


The Senate in the state of Arkansas has passed a resolution aimed to define marriage as the unit of one man and one woman which actually means leaving gay couples out of the state’s constitution. The State Senate passed Senate Joint Resolution 7 by Republican State Senator Jason Rapert. Filing Senate Joint Resolution 7 earlier this month, Mr Rapert wants to prohibit states from accepting any definition of marriage, “except as the union of one man and one woman and no other union shall be recognised with legal incidents thereof within the United States or any place subject to their jurisdiction”.34 states are currently required for a constitutional convention to be held. This rises to 38 plus a two-thirds vote in both Houses of Congress to be ratified. This is not the first time the GOP Senator has sought a constitutional convention, having tried to also amend the document to ban all abortion. Since the election of Donald Trump fears have grown over hard-fought protections for the LGBT community.


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