Efforts to repeal HB2 stalled again


Those who re involved in the process of repealing the scandalous transphobic bathroom bill in North Carolina failed to reach the consensus again. The leader of the Republican legislature insists that the compromise offered by the state governor, Democrat Roy Cooper, would not be enough. Both Democrats and Republicans agree that it is necessary to protect LGBT people, but they cannot reach a common mind of how it would be better to do it. Supporters of the bill’s repeal on Tuesday held a press conference saying that only a total repeal of HB2 would be a suitable outcome. A separate news conference is expected from those who want to repeal the law only in part. Governor Cooper’s proposal would repeal HB2, but would increase penalties for laws broken in public bathrooms. He announced the compromise at a news conference earlier this month. As part of the proposal, local ordinances to cover LGBT discrimination would need to be flagged with legislators with 30 days notice. Legislators in North Carolina last week introduced bills in the House and Senate in the state to repeal the widely condemned HB2 and replace it with LGBT+ protections.


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