Homophobic church group now targets Jewish people


Westboro Baptist Church known for the slogan ‘God hates f*gs’ and boycotting actually everything connected with LGBT community and their rights are now attacking Jewish people. After a picket at at Shalhevet High School, Los Angeles, the group confirmed it would also hold a protest at Yeshiva University in New York, because many of the students are loyal to LGBT. The group claimed “The Lord God entrusted His Holy Word to the ancient Israelites long ago. Their modern descendants have sorely despised and disregarded that manna from heaven to their detriment. Yeshiva University encapsulates the perverse state of both modern Judaism and the American university system. These modern Jews worship themselves as a people. They set up their ancestors, relatives and descendants as idols, and then try to punish anyone who dares speak the truth about what a bunch of reprobate sinners they all are. WBC will shine a light on the fact that the American Jewish community was the earliest and most forceful group to spread the soul-damning lie of ‘it’s OK to be gay’. This lie then spread like a cancer across this land and throughout the higher education system, bringing the curse of God down on the entire nation.” Focusing on the thesis that homosexuality is a ‘sin’, the WBC activists have forgotten two things: Christians and Jewish people have completely similar systems of beliefs (although Jewish people don’t accept Jesus Christ as their Messiah, they worship the same God Christians call the Father); hating people and attacking them is also a sin according to the Bible.


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