The next Olympics are going to have trans-inclusive bathrooms


The next Olympic Games have made an announcement that the 2020 games in Tokyo are going to be trans-friendly. The Tokyo metropolitan government promised top install the gender-neutral toilets which are being built for the Olympic and Paralympic games 2020 in the Japanese capital. The city currently has a form of gender neutral toilet called a ‘daredemo toire’, which can also fit wheelchairs. However the ‘daredemo toire’ are too large to fit enough in for the Olympics, with Tokyo being short on space for the sporting event, so they will install the smaller versions which unfortunately will not fit for people on wheelchairs, but they are going to be gender-neutral and available for people with some disabilities who don’t require a wheelchair to move. Maki Muraki, the head of LGBTI organization Nijiiro Diversity, said: “Along with the effort to increase the number of public toilets, to raise people’s awareness that those who do not look like a typical man or woman can use a toilet as a matter of course is also important.”


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