Laverne Cox legal drama canceled


Legal drama Doubt where Laverne Cox was playing a transgender attorney is canceled after 2 episodes aired because of low ratings. She played an Ivy League-educated defense attorney named Cameron Wirth and starred with Katherine Heigl and Steven Pasquale. The character’s colleagues accepted her when she came out to them as trans. ‘What’s exciting about (the character) Cameron and being on CBS is that I’m an avid TV watcher,’ Cox told TV critics last summer. ‘A lot of people in my community watch TV and there weren’t people like me when I was growing up.’ There had been 13 episodes of Doubt completed, representing Cameron’s dating and love life. ‘It felt groundbreaking … when we started shooting that part,’ Cox said earlier this month on AOL Build. ‘I thought, “Okay, this is something I’ve never seen on TV.” I hadn’t personally seen a trans woman be pursued by a straight identified man on national television knowing that she’s transgender. That felt revolutionary, that felt groundbreaking. It was really exciting for me as an actress who’s always wanted to see that.’


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