22-year-old person removes the genitals to be genderless


An LA make-up artists say they want to be a hybrid, neither male nor female, a sexless alien. Vinny Ohh, 22, doesn’t identify as male or female, but describes themselves as ‘extra-terrestrial, hot mess, self-obsessed’. To express themselves as a personality, as someone extremely unique and special, Vinny poses for Instagram in extreme looks featuring large, blackened contact lenses and talon-like nails. Other instruments of self-expression are bold colors and bright hair styles, and they don’t shy away from going beyond convention. Now they want to invest another $160,000 (€151,280, £130,806) into their transition. According to Mail Online, Vinny is planning on having their genitals, nipples and bellybutton removed. ‘I’ve wanted to be sexless and genderless since I was 17. I’ve been going to doctors to see if it’s possible but had no luck,’ they said. It wouldn’t be the first procedure for Vinny. They have had over 110 cosmetic procedures done, including lip fillers, two rhinoplasties, and a number of brow and cheek fillers. The model is also set to appear on The Plastics of Hollywood, a show centering on plastic surgery addicts trying to make a career with the help of a talent agency.


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