Gender reassignment clinic in Australia works despite the lack of money


A specialised LGBTI health clinic in the northern Australia city, Darwin, opened by Dr. Danielle Steward is in danger of being closed because the government does not provide money for it. Dr Danielle Stewart opened a monthly health service for LGBTI people in her practice in Northern Territories. Since it opened in mid-2016 the service has a 90% rate of transgender and gender diverse patients. Dr. Steward called it a wonderful experience of unity and helping people who need it without looking at them through the prism of stereotypes. But now it all may be over because of a banal reason – lack of money. ‘At the moment we’re self-funding and we’re running at a loss to be honest,’ she said, ‘We’ve shown that this clinic is worthwhile. To make it sustainable, we need to find some money.’ NT Health Minister Natasha Fyles said her government will collect data on its gender diverse population. But it would not make a decision about funding services until the data had been analyzed. ‘It’s a challenge around understanding what need there is and obviously in terms of the primary health care that fits with the Federal Government,’ she said.


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