Jeff Sessions won’t quit over the FBI investigation of Russian influence on election

WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 10: Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) is sworn in before the Senate Judiciary Committee during his confirmation hearing to be the U.S. attorney general January 10, 2017 in Washington, DC. Sessions was one of the first members of Congress to endorse and support President-elect Donald Trump, who nominated him for Attorney General. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions has declined to participate in an FBI investigation into possible interference of Russia in American Presidential election after the Senate started to demand him to quit as AG. There was a suggestion that Sessions met the Russian envoy during the US election campaign. Last month the AG was asked what would he have done if he knew that there was some influence of Russia on the election results. It has since been revealed that Sessions had a private meeting in his office with Russia’s ambassador to the US, Sergei Kislyak, although during the hearing the AG actively denied all the communication with the officials from Russia. “I have decided to recuse myself from any existing or future investigations of any matters related in any way to the campaigns for President of the United States,” said Sessions in a statement, adding that he considered his comments right and correct that time. “I appreciate that some take the view that this was a false comment. That is not my intent. That is not correct.” On Thursday, at the press conference, he said: “I never had meetings with Russian operatives or Russian intermediaries about the Trump campaign.” But saying he had been the member of a church group, he later added that “somehow the subject of Ukraine came up”.Sessions’ role is particularly harmful given he as Attorney General was expected to lead the investigation into Russia’s election interference.


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