Columnist denies trans women are women


Feminist writer Jenni Murray says that it is impossible to get rid of masculinity completely, even after the gender reassignment surgery, so trans women, in her opinion, have no chance to become women. ‘You are a trans-woman or a trans-man,’ she wrote in Sunday Times as an explanation to the words that transition did not mean a person being counted to the gender he\she self-identifies with. Briefly speaking, the columnist does not believe trans men to be men and trans women to be women. Murray claims she wants to bring ‘sanity and reason’ into a debate that has become ‘bitter and cruel’, but denies being transphobic.

She also spoke about Reverend Peter Stone, who transitioned from male to female in 2000, now Carol, insisting that to live as a middle-aged woman was not as easy as Carol expected, especially in the field which was stereotypically believed to be male. But Murray said she had prayed or Carol to take it easier.

Rachel Cohen, executive director of campaigns and strategy from LGBTI charity Stonewall said: ‘Whether you are trans or not, your identity is yours alone. My experiences of being a woman are undoubtedly different to yours. However, their differences do not make them in any way less valid,’ Cohen said.


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