Polish national broadcasting director does not want to see gay couples on screen


Same-sex couples are ‘unconstitutional’ and should not find love on TV, a Polish broadcasting boss claims. The former Polish right-wing MP Jacek Kurski who currently owns one of the biggest state-controlled broadcasting companies in Poland TVP claims that same-sex couples would not appear in the First Dates spin-off because they are against the Polish constitution. We’re a publicly funded broadcaster and have to follow certain rules firmly expressed in both our Constitution and the law,’ Kurski said. ‘The Constitution says that the family, according to Polish law, is the union of man and woman. And because dating serves the purpose of establishing a family, or marriage, and because the law, the Polish tradition, and morality see these unions as between man and woman, it is obvious that there must be opposite-gender couples.’ The local LGBT activists reacted on such claims with laugh rather than irritation. ‘Well, unfortunately reality is far from our ideal image,’ they said. ‘But stuff it, because one day it will be better.’ The Campaign Against Homophobia (Kampania Przeciw Homofobii) took a stricter tone, saying that there are no laws to forbid people loving each other and love just cannot be against Constitution, whatever the shape of it.


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