Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair’s lesbian kiss was cut off


The lesbian love scene in the Cruel Intentions was erased. The movie was filmed in 1999 with two famous (and they became much more famous afterwords) actresses playing the leading roles – experienced antagonist Kathryn Merteuil and ingenue Cecile Caldwell. But the passionate kiss the characters shared was cutoff as the movie was screened by E! over the weekend. According to TVLine, the version of Cruel Intentions shown on Saturday night was a heavily sanitised and “older” one. E! will probably seek out the uncensored edition of the movie if the network shows it again, the report added. This may be a good idea, considering fans were not happy with the edit on Saturday night. One commented, quite rightly: “What year are we in?”The incident added insult to injury after the news that the TV show spin-off of the film, which was due to be screened this year, was dropped by NBC. Despite a reunion of the film’s stars prompting mass excitement among the film’s fanbase, the pilot will not be followed up with a series because the network has no room. The show picked up about 15 years after the first, with producers saying initial episodes saw Kathryn trying to take control of the family business, Valmont International, and fight to win the affections of the son of her late brother, Bash Casey.


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