Teaching assistant told a trans student that she was not a girl


A trans student in Texas Ishy Valdez has filed a complaint against the teaching assistant who tried not to let her use the female bathroom facilities claiming she ‘was not a girl’. Ishy and her mother have already spoken to the school district. The girl who transitioned 2 years ago described the incident: “She said, ‘Ismael, don’t start because I already have an issue with you using the women’s restroom. The point is this is the women’s restroom, and you’re not a girl.’ It became very personal. In the women’s bathroom, I do feel more comfortable, I never get a second look.” The girl’s mother added: “She cannot just go around and judge them because she doesn’t agree with it. I feel like if she goes into the men’s restroom there’s more of a possibility of somebody hurting her.” Statements have been taken by the school, and the teaching assistant has no longer been chaperoning the trips, as Ishy has confirmed personally.


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