The girl diagnosed with lupus was saved by love


Alana Duran, who was diagnosed with lupus at age 12, shared her story on Facebook. Her kidneys failed because of her disease and she required transplantation, but no one form her family matched as a kidney donor for her. Alana’s girlfriend Lori also tested and there was a real miracle – she suited! She was able to literally give a part of herself to the one she loves to save her life! But it is even not the cutest part of the story – the thing is that HOW Lori let Alana know that she would be her donor. The couple met on Tinder, so Lori made the surprise Tinder-themed box of goodies, and at the bottom was the news that she would give up a kidney, in order for Alana to come off dialysis. The cards read that tattoos are cool, but she would rather get matching scars. Alana was deeply touched and burst with tears willing to share her happiness with another person who loves her more than ever – her mommy. After that she also expressed her joy to her Facebook audience writing: “Who knew that when we both swiped right on Tinder that day, that we would be more than just girlfriends but that she would be my kidney donor! It’s so funny how things work out. Both of us going into this relationship not expecting anything out of the ordinary. It’s just so amazing to me that she was willing to get tested and now she’s super excited to donate one of her kidneys to me. Lori, I love you so much and I’m so excited that we get to do this together. You’re the absolute best.” Really, love cures, love saves, love keeps as alive – and sacrificing a part of ourselves, whether it is a kidney or a piece of our heart and soul, we never regret about it, because it keeps our love alive.


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